• Tyla Yong

5 Ways to Strengthen your Roots before the Storm Hits

For a season, I was working full-time, studying full-time, also working part-time at another job, was in the middle of exam period at university, was volunteering at my amazing Youth Group and was still going full-steam-ahead with this incredible platform at the same time.

Maybe for you, your life is chaotic due to family issues, mental/physical health issues, financial struggles, addictions, and the list can go on.

Or, you might be one of “those people” that have never faced a chaotic situation in your life (if this is you, I urge you to prove to me that you are actually a human being).

Nonetheless in nature, whenever the storm hits the tree, it’s the tree’s roots that help it stay grounded.

If we were all trees, I wonder what would happen to us when the storms of life hit? Would our roots be deep enough and strong enough to stand firm? Or would we waver and fall down?

Here’s a cute little flora fact for you: the tree’s roots are up to 3 times longer than it’s branches.

But humanity is totally different! We invest more time on making sure our branches and external lives look great, as we neglect our roots and internal lives. I know for me, I sometimes get more worried about what others think about me, than about the strength of my roots.

Truth-bomb: you can fool some people with your “impressive” branches, but when people get close to you, they’ll know you have rotting roots.

Let’s be a movement that is more concerned about the strength of our roots, than the length of our branches. Let’s have such deep, strong roots, that when the chaotic storms of life hit us, we don’t fall down, but we remain standing – blossoming, even.

Here’s 5 ways to strengthen, and deepen your roots:

  1. Take responsibility for yourself I'm sure you may have some strong people in your life, but YOU are the only person that can truly strengthen yourself.

  2. Remain grateful Even for the little things. Being grateful will bring the best out of you.

  3. Regard others more important than yourself Nothing will strengthen your roots faster than doing something for somebody else and looking beyond yourself.

  4. Control your emotions A complicated person is controlled by their emotions. Don’t be one of them. Dig your roots deep, as you control your emotions.

  5. Keep calm If you’re calm in a crisis, you’re shortening the length of time the chaos will last. But you're also developing your roots, and sinking them deeper.

Now I know there are people reading this that are fighting mental, emotional and/or physical battles. I realise and understand that you are in a serious fight. I am not trying to minimise or make light of your struggles.

But have hope: you were created to be victorious.


be encouraged.

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