• Tyla Yong

Why it's Time to Fall in Love Again...

Lovely girl, this is for you.

You deserve to look in the mirror and see a girl that isn't perfect, but isn't trying to be. You deserve to walk past billboards of photo-shopped people and laugh at them, secure and confident in the understanding that you are beautiful because you are real.

You owe it to yourself to love your body, just because it is yours, and nobody else has one like it. You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself.

You owe a life of adventures to yourself. Get up before the sun and the rest of the world, go to the closest park, and watch how nature wakes up with the sunrise.

You owe it to yourself to reflect and fall in love with memories and experiences. Buy yourself a precious journal, and a scented candle. Spend time with yourself, light the candle, and write down everything you do – no detail is insignificant.

You owe it to yourself to live in wisdom. Volunteer to babysit your friends toddlers, watch how they are in awe and excited about everything around them and realise you can learn from children. Spend time with your grandparent and ask them about their childhood, experiences that shaped them, and their favourite books. Realise you can learn from the elderly.

You owe it to yourself to dream with your eyes open. Lie on the grass and think about the life you would live if failing wasn’t an option. Then put small steps in place to make that life happen for you.

Find things to do that make you the closest to you that you’ve ever been.

It’s time to fall in love again… With yourself.

I’m so over this idea of the ‘perfect body’. Do you know who has the perfect body?

Me. You. Your best friend. Your Mum. Your neighbour. Everyone.

Stop comparing yourself to people and imposing silly standards on yourself.

Who even invented those standards anyway? God certainly didn’t. He thinks you’re made perfectly. He has always accepted you for who you are.

Romans 15:7 --- “…Christ has accepted you.” Stop striving to be accepted because YOU ALREADY ARE! I have curves, a few scars, and a little birthmark on my arm that I’ve had forever. And I’m not perfect (none of us are!!).

Remember this: every inch of your skin is accepted and valuable.


be encouraged.

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