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January 9, 2016



So you probably read the title of this blog and instantly became sceptical. Of course, I don’t really blame you… How am I supposed to know 3 things about you that you might not even know about yourself, right?


Well, here’s the truth: I don’t know a whole lot about you, or about life in general really!


…But here’s what I know for sure, with 100% smack-bam certainty:

1. You were Pre-Programmed to be Victorious

You were created for this specific time period, programmed with specific skills, to be victorious in a specific field of life. There is something phenomenal that you were made to accomplish. You were not created to barely make it through. Cast off your anxiety, and look to the future with confidence, knowing you are destined for absolute victory.

2. You are the Most Powerful when You are Yourself

You probably think its lame when people tell you to “just be yourself” (I used to, too, until I  realised the importance of it). Something that I’ve only just started to realise (and still in the very, very early stages of living out), is that you are the most influential, powerful and effective when you are yourself. There is literally no point in copying the life of somebody else because you will confuse people. They’ll be quoting the wise words of Justin Bieber – “what do you mean?”. When you’re pretending to be someone else, you pretty much won’t make sense… Because you weren’t created to be them, you were created to be you!! What’s worse is that you will probably confuse (and even lose) yourself in the process. It’s a huge win-win moment, when you just embrace yourself.

3. You are Your Most Difficult Opponent

You are your biggest critic, your biggest limitation, and your biggest enemy… I find myself putting restrictions on my performance, and over-thinking the fears and failures that come with a certain task. To go for gold, battle your negative thoughts with positive ones and live out points 1 and 2 of this blog – I’m speaking to myself here, too.


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