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March 3, 2016


This blog post is specifically for the sister’s up in here, the gal pals, the chicks, the ladies.


Since when was it cool to declare war over a girl you’ve never even met?


We aren’t enemies. We’re on the same team for crying out loud.


I’m going to bring in a quote from the woman of wonder, the lady I fan-girl over, ma gurl Beyoncé who said--- “okay ladies, now let’s get in formation” at the half-time show of the SuperBowl 2016.






It’s time we unite as women. It’s time we embrace our femininity and become a powerful and functional team.


But when it comes to being women of power, we sometimes get a little confused with how to play that part. Occasionally, we think that to be powerful, as a woman, we have to act manly, so we try to prove ourselves. We try to beat men, destroy them, humiliate them, or displace them to show that we are powerful.


We are called to be first class women, who are fearfully and wonderfully made. And we can’t do that if we are too busy running around being second-rate men.


But what if being powerful came from the simple act of embracing our femininity? By being powerfully, and passionately ourselves - the women we were created to be.


Being a girl isn’t just about the ‘eyebrows on fleek’, the ‘sugar and spice and all things nice and cutesy’, or the *hashtag* perfectly contoured cheekbones. Being a girl isn’t about being passive, whiny, or being a second-rate man. It’s about EMBRACING ourselves.
The male chromosomes are XY.

And when God made women, He pulled out the ‘X’ chromosome and raised it to the second power (XX or x^2 or Xsquared).


I’ve spoken to a few young girls who actually hate other girls. They hate the stereotype of “girls gossip, girls manipulate, and girls fight all the time. Girls say things they don’t mean, and mean things they don’t say.” And let’s be real. It’s sometimes true. It’s a risky thing to say, but we’ve all experienced the girl who prances around thinking she’s the queen of the castle, and we’re all her dirty rascals. Here's the truth: WE ARE ALL ROYALTY. We’re all queens of our own castles.
But because of the stereotype (mentioned above), sadly, some girls resent being a girl, and hate other girls for it too.


It’s time we stop competing against our own team.


It’s time we start supporting our fellow teammates, our gal pals--- celebrating them in their victories, and reminding them of their value when they fail.

It’s time to get the girl gang hashtag out (#girlgang).

It’s time every girl works on what Beyoncé said (YES I WILL QUOTE HER A THIRD TIME). “Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation”!!!

Embracing our sisters, and embracing our femininity is the answer to being powerful and passionate women, who compliment men, not compete with them.



Founder of She the Roar



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