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November 23, 2016


You might be thinking this is a pretty dramatic title, right? Well, keep reading.



An apathetic attitude is a lethargic, disinterested and unenthused attitude to life.


I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but this kind of attitude is so ‘in’ these days. It’s as though people are playing the ‘who can be the most unenthused?’, ‘Who can be the most disinterested?’ games.


It’s as though we’ve started to become envious of those who seem less emotional and more detached.


We’re attracted to the celebrities who are more blasé and unfazed, like Rihanna. And we think celebrities that show that they’re excited about something, over do it like Taylor Swift, because apparently, she’s ‘too enthusiastic’.


But since when was being disinterested and unenthused something to look up to?


You may disagree with me, and that’s okay. But in high school right now, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are girls attracted to guys that don’t show them a care in the world – “Wow, he’s so great and attractive because he’s so mysterious and disinterested in me, and can’t give me the time of day”. 




We are literally made with emotions, and created to feel things.


We are wired up to get excited about sales in the shops, cute little puppies, and gorgeous dresses.


We are wired up to get passionate over the gifts we've been given, and to show affection towards our loved ones. We are wired up to step out of our comfort zones, being brave and confident in who we are. And we are also wired up to get upset about things that hurt.


I’ve been waiting for someone to address this topic, and I’ve done enough waiting.


We’re teaching the people around us to show less emotion, think less passionately, and be less human.


It’s as though we are churning out robots with straight faces, who ‘play it cool’ all too often.


This apathetic attitude to life is creating a generation of robots faster than you can say “I don’t care”.


It’s replacing humanity with robots.


I don’t know about you, but I want my children, and my children’s children to be human; to show emotion, and to show feelings.


It’s time we stop playing it cool, and start feeling things. It’s time we stop pretending we don’t care and actually care. If you ask me, the lethargic, unfazed, disinterested attitude is getting pretty old.


For so long, we’ve been trying not to care, to suppress our thoughts and feelings for the sake of playing it cool and looking nonchalant.


But we forget that there’s beauty in being vulnerable. There’s preciousness in being raw.


Stop envying the people who have no enthusiasm for life.


It’s time to start feeling again, to start caring again, to start smiling again, to start bouncing off walls again. For humanity’s sake, the least we could do is show a little enthusiasm for the things we are passionate about.



Founder at She the Roar



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