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August 20, 2017



What the heck is a “calling”?!? Some people think it has spooky vibes, some people think it’s an overrated word for career, or some people think it’s a verb you use for “calling” your pal over.


For the purpose of this blog, I’m referring to the earth-shaking, ground-breaking, hell-quaking calling that we have on our lives.


It’s the individual calling that is woven into the very fabric of who you and I are. The calling that we have been set apart to do before the very existence of creation. The calling that is etched into the very depths of our souls. The calling that can beautifully fit like a jigsaw piece with other people’s callings.


Regardless of your beliefs, your preferences, your past, your future, your gender, or your race, you have a calling.


I used to wrestle with this idea of a calling. It pained and perplexed me. I got so consumed with searching for my calling that I wouldn’t have noticed if it had come to knock me on the head! I believed I had a calling, I just didn’t know what it was, or how I could discover it.


So, I literally started asking every knowledgeable person in my life on what they thought my calling was. Sounds silly, right? (don’t judge me) people do crazy things when they’re desperate. And I was. I was so desperate to feel a passion for why I was on Earth, and to have a fire in my belly when a particular topic was brought up in conversation.


After my unofficial interviews with the people in my life (so sorry if you’re one of them). I collated their answers and found that 60% of them said I was good with kids. So, I set along an inconvenient tangent to pursue teaching. I scored a job as a swimming teacher, as I ploughed through the information my local university had about their education courses only to realize within the first 3 weeks of my job that teaching definitely wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, and have an incredibly deep respect for teachers, but there were only so many kiddy tantrums I could deal with a day if you know what I mean.


And boy, I am SO glad I didn’t pursue teaching. If I had, I wouldn’t have created this community, I wouldn’t have connected with all of you beautiful women from across the globe, I wouldn’t have started by own online creative dream business (GOD IS SO GOOOOD!!).


I had the revelation that I had pursued a path that I thought was my calling, just because it was authorized by some people in my life. A calling that’s authorized by humans, is so SOOOO different to a calling authorized by heaven (read Matthew 21:23-27).


This is what I learnt:



A calling authorized by humans is handicapped, hollow, and hindering.


But, a calling authorized by heaven brings harvest, humility, and hope.



While I believe that God can send a spiritual leader into your life to provide direction, I also wholeheartedly believe that God speaks to you just as much as He speaks to them.


After I ran so far into Jesus’ heart, I found out why He put me on this Earth. I found my calling.


I learnt that as humans, we so often try to complicate things, and I can just imagine God in heaven going “dude, it’s more simple than that.” as He facepalms Himself haha! We try to formulate our callings with step-by-step guides, or clutter God’s spoken Word with podcasts, and devotionals. Which are all great things – don’t get me wrong! There are incredible tools and divinely inspired resources to help you in all areas of your life…


But here’s my question to you: If God was the one that created your calling in the first place, why don’t you chase after the very source it came from?


I promise you, if you run so far into Jesus’ heart, you’ll receive a new level of joy, hope, peace, and love, as well as your calling authorized by heaven.

Jesus has woven a calling into the very fabric of who you are, that no enemy in hell, or person on Earth can stop, hinder, or take away.


Just know this: your calling won’t always look like a dramatic knight riding in to save the day. Your calling could be anything, from an accountant changing the corporate world, to a guitarist positively influencing the crowds at gigs.


So, I’m praying for you, girlfriend. Praying that as you run into Jesus’ heart, that He will begin to reveal His purpose for your life. And that as you discover your purpose, you will realise that even though all of our callings are different, they are also very much the same: to spread the message of Jesus to humanity.



Founder of She The Roar




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