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February 19, 2017


You may have done some things you can’t speak of. You may have created your own war path, and detonated yourself in the process. You may have those past mistakes creeping up on you like monsters. You may have been sucked into the tornado of someone else’s brokenness, and treated in ways you don’t deserve to be treated.



You need to know one simple truth: who you are is not what you did.



You need to know that you’re still an innocent. And you’re still loved ever so deeply.


God loves you so much that He’s thrown your past into the sea of forgetfulness.


Do not dwell on the disappointments, reside in the regrets, or lull in the losses of the past. You need to know that dwelling on your past mistakes only allows those mistakes to keep defining you.


Shame will try to trap you. It will try to prove you that you can never overcome. It will tell you lies. Heck, it might even convince you that it is normal to feel shackled by it.


Don’t allow sentiment to erode your significance. Significance is about the future and all that is ahead. Significance is the glimmer inside your soul that God created. But, sentiment is about the former things. If you are the kind of person who looks back, please remember that your significance is ahead of you, not behind you.


God created you knowing about the addiction, knowing about the lies, knowing about the scandal. He created You knowing all of this would happen, yet He still created you. 


This shows His heart for you.


He created you to simply love you.



You may have lost your balance on the tightrope of life. But God is reminding you that it’s never too late to get it back, and He wants to help you.


Your history can’t be erased, but your future is yet to be written!


You are significant.



Founder of She The Roar




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